COINTEC was in charge of the Survey of process units MDT, FCCU, PWF, COKER, APS, VPS and Catalytic Cracking for P&ID execution according to installations and diagrams done through specific specialized software.




COINTEC was in charge of the Adjustment of the Risk Assessment process of every Fire fighting system of the loading and dispatch plants of ESSO S.A.P.A. described below.

COINTEC’s work included the necessary survey and the development of the basic and detail engineering required. 


  • San Lorenzo Plant                              Santa Fé


  • Campana Plant                                   Buenos Aires Province


  • Galván Commercial Plant                 Bahía Blanca


  • Calera Cué Plant                                Paraguay


  • Villa Hayes Plant                               Paraguay


  • AIRESSO Aeroparque (Airport)         Buenos Aires