Agricultural Products constitute an important part of Argentine Exportation.

For this reason, Works destined to storage and loading of cereals, whether they are faced by companies from the public or the private sector, have had a great development.

COINTEC completed executive projects for eight grain storage silos of 34000 tons of capacity.

In 1985 a regrettable accident occurred when The Grain Elevator Nº 5 of Ingeniero White Port – Bahia Blanca exploded.

The reconstruction was set out with a partial loan of The International Bank for Reconstruction and Development (Banco Internacional de Reconstrucción y Fomento (BIRF)), The National Architecture Service (El Servicio Nacional de Arquitectura) and the National Grain Board (Junta Nacional de Granos). A call for bids took place and COINTEC was qualified in consortium with two other Argentinean consulting companies and the Canadian holding of consultants H.A. Simons Ltd., for the Consulting Contract for the Work Direction Assistance.                    




J. CALLEGARI e Hijos (J. CALEGARI. & sons)

Grain Shipping Galleries


A large proportion of cereals in Argentina are exported through ports of the Parana River.

NIDERA ARGENTINA S.A. is one of the biggest grain exporting companies.

COINTEC was in charge of the detail engineering of San Martin Port’s important cereal shipping galleries.