Economic results optimization is based on good engineering execution and planning and follow-up during realization period.

COINTEC, well aware of that, gave the last activity a predominant role by acquiring specialization in the subject and by providing important services for TELECOM ARGENTINA among others.

Throughout its history, COINTEC had the opportunity to use different softwares, which gave the company a profound knowledge of them. The choice of software depends on the client’s requirements 

Notwithstanding this, the most important part of our approach is the outstanding specialization of our staff of professionals, constituting an excellent combination that will guarantee an optimal result.


Technical Investment Control, Procedure Generation, Computer Implementation and Staff training for its application.


 TELECOM ARGENTINA and TELEFONICA DE ARGENTINA are the two private companies that provide phone service to Argentina.

TELECOM ARGENTINA, is formed by FRANCE TELECOM-STET and PEREZ COMPANC. When they took possession of the old state company ENTEL, found that the phone infrastructure was obsolete. For this reason they decided to create an investment plan of approximately U$S 800 millions a year.

Naturally, such an investment requires efficient planning and administration processes to ensure the realization of the investment in time, form and quality.

COINTEC was selected to collaborate with this process by TELECOM’s Technical and Training Directors.

Investment Projects Management Implementation procedure was planned to fulfill 1000 annual investment projects in 18 Decentralized Operative Units.

COINTEC collaborated with this procedure and was in charge of training TELECOM staff in investment projects management as regards implementation and application of ARTEMIS/PRESTIGE software on a relational database ORACLE, functioning on a multi-user configuration network.