TOTAL AUSTRAL, the Argentine subsidiary of the French company, is the second most important natural gas producer in the country and one of the most important oil producers.

In the continental area, they develop their activities in Aguada San Roque Plant and Aguada Pichana Plant with their associated deposits, and El Huemul Deposit.

COINTEC has been selected by TOTAL AUSTRAL as an external collaborator for the development of their modification and expansion projects, having completed many engineering services in the development of continental deposits.


Some of the projects are:


  • Deposit El Huemul PMF12 – Fiscal Measurement point 12

Development of Basic and Detail Engineering for Measurement and Gas delivering System for TGS in GSM Gas Pipeline Pico Truncado compressor station.


  • Aguada Pichana Project.

Design of Protections for Operation crossroads over existing gas pipelines.


  • San Roque Development Project.

Survey for Implantation

Project and Bidding conditions preparation for the construction of L.T. 33 kV and Feeding Power Transformer Station.

Project and Bidding conditions preparation for the construction of services of water, sewage, telephony and basic infrastructure.


  • San Roque Development Project.

Revision of Bidding Documents of the Debottlenecking.


  • Loma de la Lata Gas Pipeline – Gas Metering Unit.

Topographic Surveys.

Soil Studies.

Resistivity Measurement

Implantation Study.

Soil Movement and Drainages Blueprints.

Technical specifications.


  • Loma de la Lata – UAM 2.

Multidisciplinary Detail Engineering for Measurement Unit Installation and related services.


  • Aguada San Roque – PLOT PLAN.

Survey of Existing Facilities and creation of a Plot Plan according to Installation.


  • Aguada San Roque – PSV –  LLY PLANT.

Survey and Detail Engineering for the modification of 70 PSV valves existing in plant.