Due to the argentine vast territory, the existing and projected energy usage demanded the planning and construction of an Interconnected National System.

This System is constituted by an extended complex of Transmission lines and Transformer Stations in 500 kV.

Approximately 6000 km of Extra High Voltage Lines and their Transformer stations have been built since 1998 and there is a project for construction of 1800 km more which is currently in process.

Most of the works included in the Interconnected National System and their corresponding consulting contracts are partially financed by Banco Interamericano de Desarrollo (Inter-American Bank for Development).

COINTEC in consortium with other argentine companies, was qualified by AGUA Y ENERGIA ELECTRICA (water and electric power) and by the BANCO INTERAMERICANO DE DESARROLLO (Inter-American Bank for Development) to provide consulting services on Lines and Extra High Voltage Stations.

COINTEC acted as the consortium leading company in the following consulting contracts:

  • Extra High Voltage Line 500 kV.

Choele Choel – West San Antonio                                                    156 km.

  • Extra High Voltage Line 500 kV.

West San Antonio – Puerto Madryn                                                   250 km.

  • Transmission System in Extra High Voltage 500 kV

Yacyretá – Garabí                                                                                 2660 km.

  • Extra High Voltage Line 500 kV.

Yacyretá – Resistencia                                                                        500 km.

COINTEC has also participated intensively in works of The Interconnected System and derived works.

This participation refers to the full or partial development, depending on the case, of Detail Engineering, Technical Specifications, In-Factory Inspections and/or Work Direction of 35 transmission lines and 15 Transformer stations of high and extra high voltage.

Among the most important Works are the following:

  • Extra High Voltage Line 500 kV – Malvinas Argentinas – El Bracho.
  • Transformer Station 500 kV – Río Grande.
  • Transformer Station 500 kV – Gran Mendoza.
  • Transformer Station 500 kV – Recreo.
  • Transformer Station 500 kV – Malvinas Argentinas.
  • Transformer Station 500 kV – Henderson – Expansion. 
  • Bahia Blanca’s Thermoelectric Power Plant Maneuver Area 500 kV.

Moreover, COINTEC has implemented preliminary plans for 30 transmission lines and 15 transformer stations of between 132 kV and 500 kV voltages.