PCS – Personal Communication System

Due to an ever-increasing competitive- ness in the argentinian cellular phone market as a consequence of the opening of the telecommunications market, MOVICOM – BELLSOUTH started in 1999 an enlargement plan for its PCS cellular network in the Buenos Aires Metropolitan Area (AMBA).

MOVICOM – BELLSOUTH chose COINTEC as one of its collaborating companies to carry out the demanding infrastructure works program.

Setting a control mechanism that allows quick error-correction decisions, while keeping in sight a global overview of their progression is of outmost importance in decentralized projects that have to be carried out in hundreds of different sites and with a very little time to do them.

Within the services provided by COINTEC, a programming & follow-up method was included, adapted not only to this kind of projects, but also to the MOVICOM – BELLSOUTH operative structure.

This system included:


  • Planning, programming and follow up of works, including:

–         Gathering of internal information on methods and timing.

–         Registration and updating of the engineering state, and contracting & purchases.

–         General planning.

–         Detailed programming for general control purposes.

–         Programming ordered according to priorities and work supervisors for construction control.

–         Programming ordered according to responsible sectors and contractors for operation control.

–         Weekly gathering of progress information and progress auditing.

–         Weekly performance control on contractors in charge of systematic tasks and recommendations on crew required.

–         Weekly progress reports with graphic visualizations on task progress, contractors, in-site drawbacks and (works) status.


  • Budget control

In addition to participating in these services, COINTEC also took part in the following tasks:


  • Supervision in the construction of PCS cells, including:

–         Supplies requirements and engineering completion.

–         Activation of supplies and contractors.

–         Data gathering.

–         Technical supervision of works, in civil constructions, assembly of metal structures, assembly of lines and antennas, gain and standing wave ratio measurements, energy and complementary works enlargement or installation, technology shifts for antennas and energy, assembly of shelters and construction of cabins, etc.

–         Progress reports.

–         Coordination with proprietors, services companies, town halls and other institutions.