PCS INTERIOR 2000 Project

Linking for DATA NETWORK AMBA Project

Fiber Optic Network AMBA Project


Keeping on with its expansion project in the Argentinean telecommunications market, MOVICOM BELLSOUTH faced many projects on mobile phone service in PCS band and data transmission.

This second stage of enlargement of the Buenos Aires Metropolitan Area (AMBA) PCS network was carried out with outdoor technology from LUCENT TECHNOLOGIES. COINTEC was selected to collaborate very closely with these undertakings, being in charge of different aspects.

This collaboration refers to:

  • Basic studies
  • Economic studies
  • Auditing on Technical Feasibility for the installation of PCS Cells.
  • Programming and Control on Engineering Advancement, Supplies, Construction and Assembly.
  • Survey of Sites and existing Structures.
  • Design and Calculations of Masts, Towers and Monopoles.
  • Multidisciplinary Engineering of PCS Cells and Links for Data Networking.
  • Inspections in Supply Factory.
  • Supervision of PCS Cells Construction.
  • Supervision of MTSO’s Construction.
  • Orientation of Antennas.
  • Measurements of the System’s SWR and Attenuation.
  • Supervision of the Fiber Optics Lay Out.


These projects are currently being carried out, thus establishing a very close and productive relationship between both companies and have involved, until now, the construction of 300 stations throughout Argentina.




Supervision Fiber Optic Line

AMBA, San Luis, Santa Fe and Córdoba.



  • AMBA: Barracas – La Plata.

Campana – Ring with Telecom.

Gral. Rodríguez – Luján.


Link Rosario –Pilar’s Industrial Area.

Link Rosario – Pilar Center.


Link San Carlos – MTSO Cordoba.

Stretch MTSO – Alvear Central.

Alvear Central – NODO.


Central Link Tasa San Luis.