The increasing globalization trend makes private capital investors the engine for development, requiring their investments to be successful.

Globalization, an ever-growing private participation in the development of projects and the outsourcing way for cost effectiveness, represent a challenge to the entrepreneurial organization. 

Today private projects relate such companies as SERVICES PROVIDERS, TECHNOLOGY SUPPLIERS and the COMPANIES EXECUTING the PROJECTS.

Under such conditions, how is it then possible to obtain economic undertakings in time and with an assured quality?

COINTEC, based on its vast experience, processes reports carried out for each structuring of an undertaking, and the experienced application of the most modern software available, attains the implementation of effective Project Management techniques needed for a successful result.

The heterogeneity of the involved agents forces a particular analysis for each case by means of multidisciplinary tools such as:


  •       Processes Survey
  •       Analysis of Information Transfer Methods.
  •       Programming of Control Database in any language. Programming in Visual Basic, Access, etc.
  •       Planning and Programming using Critical Path.
  •       Design and Operation of Timing and Industrial Costs Control systems.
  •       In-factory and in-Work Site Quality Controls.
  •       Design and Operation of Information Capture and Transfer Systems for local networks and the Internet.
  •       Projects Web Pages. Programming in HTML, Java, etc.
  •       Creation of Hierarchical Managerial Reports.