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The deregulation of communications encouraged CTI MÓVIL to expand its already important national network to the Buenos Aires Metropolitan Area (AMBA).

The development of this project was based on technology provided by LUCENT TECHNOLOGIES, and involved about 200 PCS cells in the Buenos Aires Metropolitan Area.

TECHINT S.A. was in charge of the construction, which in turn trusted COINTEC with the information gathering, design and multidisciplinary engineering of 24 of the most complex stations of the AMBA.












Both PCS and Fiber Optic Transmission systems require retransmission and regenerating stations.

The location and acquisition of suitable sites are milestones of a good design. For this reason COINTEC not only develops the basic and detail engineering for theses sites; but has also developed important management tools for the search, auditing, redesign and Purchase/Lease Administration of sites destined to these facilities, both in urban and rural areas, throughout the country.

COINTEC has carried out auditing on sites for PCS inside of CRM – Movicom  in the cities of Córdoba, Rosario, Santa Fe and Paraná, with highly satisfactory results.

Futhermore, TECHINT – TESUR entrusted COINTEC with the search of sites for the regenerating stations of Abasto – Rosario Fiber Optics lay out, of SOUTHERN – CONE. 









Due to Market deregulation in Argentina, many telecommunication companies started the construction of fiber optic networks for the transmission of data and communication.

For this reason COINTEC has developed a design and in-work site inspection structure for this kind of projects.

The staff that forms this structure has specific experience in inspection of fiber optic projects done previously by companies such as TELECOM and TELEFONICA ARGENTINA.

Human Capital and COINTEC’s experience in planning as well as in technical investment control concerning telecommunication works, results in a highly convenient approach to ensure the best result for the investment undertaken.






  •  Control Data and Communications Buildings Transference


Communication’s new challenge and in particular the one on data transference, have taken IMPSAT to undertake an important project called IMPSAT 2000. This project results in the creation of a fiber optics network in Argentina which extends to Latin America and specially Brazil as well as Venezuela.

IMPSAT put COINTEC in charge of the bidding contract of the Control, Data Transfer and Communication Buildings.

These buildings are meant to hold the telecommunication equipment which responds to UIT-T (Union Internacional de Telecomunicaciones) Standards and ETSI-European Telecommunication Standards as regards electromagnetic shielding.

Furthermore, they have the most sophisticated alternative power supply services with power generating sets and UPS systems, fire detection and extinguishing system for electronic equipment, Perimeter Security System, Closed TV Circuits and Electronic Systems for Access Control.







PCS INTERIOR 2000 Project

Linking for DATA NETWORK AMBA Project

Fiber Optic Network AMBA Project


Keeping on with its expansion project in the Argentinean telecommunications market, MOVICOM BELLSOUTH faced many projects on mobile phone service in PCS band and data transmission.

This second stage of enlargement of the Buenos Aires Metropolitan Area (AMBA) PCS network was carried out with outdoor technology from LUCENT TECHNOLOGIES. COINTEC was selected to collaborate very closely with these undertakings, being in charge of different aspects.

This collaboration refers to:

  • Basic studies
  • Economic studies
  • Auditing on Technical Feasibility for the installation of PCS Cells.
  • Programming and Control on Engineering Advancement, Supplies, Construction and Assembly.
  • Survey of Sites and existing Structures.
  • Design and Calculations of Masts, Towers and Monopoles.
  • Multidisciplinary Engineering of PCS Cells and Links for Data Networking.
  • Inspections in Supply Factory.
  • Supervision of PCS Cells Construction.
  • Supervision of MTSO’s Construction.
  • Orientation of Antennas.
  • Measurements of the System’s SWR and Attenuation.
  • Supervision of the Fiber Optics Lay Out.


These projects are currently being carried out, thus establishing a very close and productive relationship between both companies and have involved, until now, the construction of 300 stations throughout Argentina.




Supervision Fiber Optic Line

AMBA, San Luis, Santa Fe and Córdoba.



  • AMBA: Barracas – La Plata.

Campana – Ring with Telecom.

Gral. Rodríguez – Luján.


Link Rosario –Pilar’s Industrial Area.

Link Rosario – Pilar Center.


Link San Carlos – MTSO Cordoba.

Stretch MTSO – Alvear Central.

Alvear Central – NODO.


Central Link Tasa San Luis.




PCS – Personal Communication System

Due to an ever-increasing competitive- ness in the argentinian cellular phone market as a consequence of the opening of the telecommunications market, MOVICOM – BELLSOUTH started in 1999 an enlargement plan for its PCS cellular network in the Buenos Aires Metropolitan Area (AMBA).

MOVICOM – BELLSOUTH chose COINTEC as one of its collaborating companies to carry out the demanding infrastructure works program.

Setting a control mechanism that allows quick error-correction decisions, while keeping in sight a global overview of their progression is of outmost importance in decentralized projects that have to be carried out in hundreds of different sites and with a very little time to do them.

Within the services provided by COINTEC, a programming & follow-up method was included, adapted not only to this kind of projects, but also to the MOVICOM – BELLSOUTH operative structure.

This system included:


  • Planning, programming and follow up of works, including:

–         Gathering of internal information on methods and timing.

–         Registration and updating of the engineering state, and contracting & purchases.

–         General planning.

–         Detailed programming for general control purposes.

–         Programming ordered according to priorities and work supervisors for construction control.

–         Programming ordered according to responsible sectors and contractors for operation control.

–         Weekly gathering of progress information and progress auditing.

–         Weekly performance control on contractors in charge of systematic tasks and recommendations on crew required.

–         Weekly progress reports with graphic visualizations on task progress, contractors, in-site drawbacks and (works) status.


  • Budget control

In addition to participating in these services, COINTEC also took part in the following tasks:


  • Supervision in the construction of PCS cells, including:

–         Supplies requirements and engineering completion.

–         Activation of supplies and contractors.

–         Data gathering.

–         Technical supervision of works, in civil constructions, assembly of metal structures, assembly of lines and antennas, gain and standing wave ratio measurements, energy and complementary works enlargement or installation, technology shifts for antennas and energy, assembly of shelters and construction of cabins, etc.

–         Progress reports.

–         Coordination with proprietors, services companies, town halls and other institutions.










 Economic results optimization is based on good engineering execution and planning and follow-up during realization period.

COINTEC, well aware of that, gave the last activity a predominant role by acquiring specialization in the subject and by providing important services for TELECOM ARGENTINA among others.

Throughout its history, COINTEC had the opportunity to use different softwares, which gave the company a profound knowledge of them. The choice of software depends on the client’s requirements 

Notwithstanding this, the most important part of our approach is the outstanding specialization of our staff of professionals, constituting an excellent combination that will guarantee an optimal result.


Technical Investment Control, Procedure Generation, Computer Implementation and Staff training for its application.


 TELECOM ARGENTINA and TELEFONICA DE ARGENTINA are the two private companies that provide phone service to Argentina.

TELECOM ARGENTINA, is formed by FRANCE TELECOM-STET and PEREZ COMPANC. When they took possession of the old state company ENTEL, found that the phone infrastructure was obsolete. For this reason they decided to create an investment plan of approximately U$S 800 millions a year.

Naturally, such an investment requires efficient planning and administration processes to ensure the realization of the investment in time, form and quality.

COINTEC was selected to collaborate with this process by TELECOM’s Technical and Training Directors.

Investment Projects Management Implementation procedure was planned to fulfill 1000 annual investment projects in 18 Decentralized Operative Units.

COINTEC collaborated with this procedure and was in charge of training TELECOM staff in investment projects management as regards implementation and application of ARTEMIS/PRESTIGE software on a relational database ORACLE, functioning on a multi-user configuration network.












We could (without any fear of being mistaken) describe as extraordinary the progress that communications have undergone in the last few years.

Improvement on mobile communications in frequency bands that allow the transfer of a great deal of data, the advancement of fiber optics and the geometrical expansion of Internet are the three pillars that back this development.

COINTEC has encompassed this progress by evolving along with market requirements, and by developing its services adapted specifically to the new demands.

Thus, it currently includes a permanent staff of professionals from the most diverse disciplines who have combined and specialized in the rendering of services under new requirements.





They are some of the kinds of projects on which COINTEC focuses its support services.

These services refer to economic and feasibility studies, operative searches, traffic and fee studies, gathering of market information, multidisciplinary designs, executive projects, planning, budget controls, in-factory inspections, management and in-site supervisions.

COINTEC currently has a group of 50 professionals in the most diverse disciplines required by these challenges.

COINTEC develops its services in its Buenos Aires headquarters, and subsidiaries throughout the whole country.






The first Mobile Phone System was inaugurated in Buenos Aires city an the surrounding areas in 1989.


COINTEC collaborated with MOVICOM, Compañía de Radiocomunicaciones Movil S.A. (Mobile Radio-communications Company), by developing the System’s Basic and Detail engineering project for the infrastructure work.


Moreover, since the job was done in record time, COINTEC had de opportunity of giving inspection services for this system in-factory and in-work site.



Río Colorado – Pico Truncado’s High Capacity Radio Link, is a fundamental construction for Argentina since it links an important part of Argentina’s Patagonia.


This is the most southern work in the world since it starts in Rio Colorado City, parallel 38º south latitude, and ends in Pico Truncado City, in parallel 47º south latitude, covering approximately 1400 km.


COINTEC was in charge of the development of the executive Project and in-factory as well as in-work site technical assistance during the construction.


Since the different stations are located in an area with harsh climatic conditions, the satellite dishes have up to 460 m diameter located at 110 m height.


Other executive projects in which COINTEC has participated:




High Capacity Radio Link

Chascomús – Las Flores

Buenos Aires Province

Detail Engineering.

  • TCP



Extension and Modification of 200 existing radio link stations composed of towers and masts infrastructure.

Survey and design of structures and foundations.

Detail Engineering.

  • TGN



Radio link Córdoba – Mendoza – Catamarca – Tucumán.

30 Stations.

Detail Engineering


We can say that COINTEC has provided engineering services as preliminary plans of the following radio links:


•          Loncopué – Pampa Curacó, Neuquén province.

•          Viale – Los Conquistadores, Entre Ríos province.

•          Chivilcoy – Gral. Pico, Bs. As and La Pampa provinces.

•          Comodoro Rivadavia – Esquel, Chubut province.

•          Corrientes – Ituzaingó, Corrientes province.

•          Regional Load Dispatch (Despacho Regional de Carga). Córdoba province.

•          Villa Mercedes – Rufino and Others. San Luis, Santa Fe and Buenos Aires provinces.

•          Bahía Blanca – Trenque Lauquen. Buenos Aires province.

•          San Antonio Oeste – Pilcanyeu. Río Negro province.

•          West Catamarca. Catamarca province.

•          Buenos Aires II. Buenos Aires province.

•          Buenos Aires – Monte Caseros – Pacheco – Campana stretch. Buenos Aires province.

•          Formosa – Las Lomitas. Formosa province.

•          Bahía Blanca – Viedma. Buenos Aires and Río Negro provinces.