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During the past few years SHELL CAPSA developed in Argentina an investment plan for the remodeling and expansion of its Destilleries in Buenos Aires.

COINTEC is one of the Engineering companies selected to collaborate with this plan, having developed in past years works from which we can mention:


  • Installation of Air Compressor K-5917 800HP


  • LPG Recovery Plant 


  • Installation of a System for SH2 burning in Torch


  • Precinct for Training on Fire Drills


  • Tanks and Lifting Elements Survey and Classification. Blueprints according to Installation.

Cañadon Alfa and Rio Cullen Plants and Production Deposits Off-Shore and On-Shore are located in Cuenca Austral (Austral Basin) which is in Isla Grande de Tierra del Fuego (Great Island of Tierra del Fuego).

COINTEC has participated intensively on the development of new exploiting areas ALFA SOUTH, CULLEN SOUTH, CULLEN NORTH and ARGO Project.

The projects we refer to in which COINTEC has participated are:





Gaspipeline 10’’ 6.5 Km Manifold Alfa South − Battery 4 1
Gaspipeline 8’’ 8.0 Km Manifold Alfa South − Battery 2 2
 Gaspipeline 8’’ 2.0 Km Troncal − Battery 4 3
Gaspipeline 3’’ 4.0 Km Troncal − Manifold Alfa South 4
Oil pipeline 8’’ 5.0 Km Manif. Cullen South−Cullen Plant 5
Gaspipeline 4’’ 5.0 Km Manif. Cullen South−Cullen Plant 6
Aqueduct 6’’ 5.0 Km Manif. Cullen South−Cullen Plant 7
Gaspipeline 12’’ 6.0 Km Manifold Alfa South − Battery 4 8
Gaspipeline 12’’ 8.0 Km Cañadón Alfa − Battery 4 9
Gaspipeline 12’’ 7.0 Km Manif. Cullen North−Manif. Alfa South 10
Gaspipeline 3’’ 3.0 Km Troncal − Manifold Cullen North 11
Gaspipeline 10’’ 27.0 Km Cullen Plant − Cañadón Alfa Plant 12
Propane pipeline 6’’ 3.0 Km Cañadón Alfa Plant − Border 13
Gaspipeline 10’’ 7.0 Km Manif. Cullen North − Manifold Alfa South 14
Gaspipeline 12’’ 6.0 Km Manifold Alfa South − Battery 4 15
Warehouse and manifold for high performance wells  Alfa South 16
Expansion Battery 4 for Gas pipeline reception 17
Increase in Pumping Capacity Battery 2 18
Increase in Pumping Capacity Battery 1 19
Hydra Centro Platform reaching of Oil pipeline 8’’, Gas pipeline 3’’ for inyection gas and command lines for wells of Argo Underground Basin 20
Underground Operation Manifold for Oil pipelines and Gas pipelines Argo Underground Basin 21
Warehouse and manifold for high Performance wells Cullen South 22
Pig−Receivers Area in Cullen Plant 23
Warehouse and manifold for High Performance Wells Cullen North 24
Modification Gamela Verde Río Cullen Deposit 25
Mechanical and Detail Civil Engineering Revision Cañadon Alfa Deposit − Debottlenecking 26
Extension of effluent treatment of OIL WATER Río Cullen Plant 27
Drinking Water Network Cañadon Alfa 28



Located in Río Negro province, over Gral. San Martín gas pipeline, this plant was modified in order to increase reliability and transport capacity of Gral. San Martín gas pipeline.

Remodeling and expansion Works took 6000 hours of engineering and covered approximately 70 % of Plant surface.

The Project consisted of changing the Plant existing pipe lines: gas pipes for suction and discharge, vent gas, consumption gas, gas pipeline interconnection, water and oil pipelines; changing the three existing compressors, replacement of the three dust-collection units, addition of three oil air-coolers, two new vent chimneys and a new gas pipeline and plant operation control system.

Moreover, all the civil work necessary for pipes and equipment support, instrumentation for plant’s suction and discharge control, by pass and stop and engines, pumps, boards and lighting electric power service provision.






The purpose of the plant is to interconnect TGS (Transportadora Gas del Sur) transport system with Rio de la Plata under river crossing of Cruz del Sur Gas pipeline, in order to allow the supply of natural gas to Uruguay Republic.

Buchanan Compressor Plant is located in the vicinity of the Current  Regulator Plant Buchanan II of TGS, located approximately 4 Km. northeast of the crossing of provincial routes nº 6 and 53, Buenos Aires province.

The compressor plant is composed of two Solar Turbines Model Saturn C165 for an important transport capacity; with the necessary additional equipment for gas treatment, having its own electric power and compressed air supply.

COINTEC’s services were the completion of Basic engineering and the development of multidisciplinary detail engineering.







Some of the works include surveys, basic engineering, multidisciplinary constructive engineering, work assistance and safety and environment management assistance.





Gas Cylinders Reparation

  • Inerting shed
  • Installation of air compressor machines.
  • Drainage pipes
  • Electric Installation Enhancement.



Expansion of Plant’s capacity.

  • Installation of new storage tank of butane.
  • Three pumps for propane / butane.
  • Propane Compressors.
  • Gas Cylinder filling platform Expansion.
  • Filling Carrousel.
  • Scales for weighting gas cylinders.
  • Installation cylinder charging.
  • Fire fighting Network.
  • Electric Installation Enhancement.










TOTAL AUSTRAL, the Argentine subsidiary of the French company, is the second most important natural gas producer in the country and one of the most important oil producers.

In the continental area, they develop their activities in Aguada San Roque Plant and Aguada Pichana Plant with their associated deposits, and El Huemul Deposit.

COINTEC has been selected by TOTAL AUSTRAL as an external collaborator for the development of their modification and expansion projects, having completed many engineering services in the development of continental deposits.


Some of the projects are:


  • Deposit El Huemul PMF12 – Fiscal Measurement point 12

Development of Basic and Detail Engineering for Measurement and Gas delivering System for TGS in GSM Gas Pipeline Pico Truncado compressor station.


  • Aguada Pichana Project.

Design of Protections for Operation crossroads over existing gas pipelines.


  • San Roque Development Project.

Survey for Implantation

Project and Bidding conditions preparation for the construction of L.T. 33 kV and Feeding Power Transformer Station.

Project and Bidding conditions preparation for the construction of services of water, sewage, telephony and basic infrastructure.


  • San Roque Development Project.

Revision of Bidding Documents of the Debottlenecking.


  • Loma de la Lata Gas Pipeline – Gas Metering Unit.

Topographic Surveys.

Soil Studies.

Resistivity Measurement

Implantation Study.

Soil Movement and Drainages Blueprints.

Technical specifications.


  • Loma de la Lata – UAM 2.

Multidisciplinary Detail Engineering for Measurement Unit Installation and related services.


  • Aguada San Roque – PLOT PLAN.

Survey of Existing Facilities and creation of a Plot Plan according to Installation.


  • Aguada San Roque – PSV –  LLY PLANT.

Survey and Detail Engineering for the modification of 70 PSV valves existing in plant.












The country’s power development in the petrochemical field, driven in recent years through an openness policy, has taken several state and private companies to achieve longed projects.

COINTEC has participated in the past few years in several executive projects, most of which correspond to expansions in the main petrochemical plants and destilleries in the country.

The following are the most outstanding projects:





Conversion Capacity Augmentation

Remodeling and Expansion of Different Units.

Since the increase in gas reserves has substantially modified the way we use fuel, it became necessary to develop projects to increase the conversion capacity of La Plata and Luján de Cuyo Destilleries.

National and foreign companies required COINTEC’s qualified services for these projects, which included not only new process and service units but also the remodeling and adjusting of the existing ones.

COINTEC, depending on the case, developed executive engineering, technical assistance and inspection in-site or in-factory.

The most memorable projects in which COINTEC intervened are:



Delayed Coking Plant

  • Expansion of Chambers D301, D303 and D304


  • Delayed Coking Plant
  • Compressor Buildings J 701/702/703, J1110 and J1111.




Fuel Loading Plant.

This Light fuel Dispatch Unit provides Buenos Aires City and the southern area of Buenos Aires Province with “nafta” (oil Am. – Petrol Br.). COINTEC intervened by remodeling and expanding the Central Loading Area and through the selection of pumps, fire fighting system and civil works.

YPF faced the modification and extension of its Terminal Dock Sud to adapt the docks – in which propane gas was loaded – in order to load also liquid fuels such as gasoil and “nafta” (Br petrol – Am gas).

COINTEC was in charge of the modification of the entire loading system, the expansion of the fire fighting system, the design of a new Transformer Substation to supply the dock of power, the improvement and extension of the lightning system, the loading and downloading remote control and operation room.




With the privatization of YPF, loading and downloading of hydrocarbons have grown notoriously in the Flammable Dock of Berisso – Ensenada, which is the only river outlet of La Plata Refinery. For this reason, YPF conceived a plan to minimize the possibility of risks in harbour operations.

YPF hired COINTEC to prepare the Project and the bidding conditions for the work.

The following works were carried out:

•          General Topographic Survey of the Harbour and its docks.

•          Sizing and civil and electromechanical design of the harbour’s water intake system and its pump house.

•          Design of the new fire fighting system and its remote commanded monitors.

•          Preparation of Bidding Documents.


Other projects:


  • La Plata Destillery – Linking pipes YPF-EG3

Stress for the determination of fixed points and supports

Calculation of reactions at fixed points


  • La Plata Destillery – Turboblower Installation for F.C.C.U.

Process Engineering and descriptive memory

Process and Interconnection Diagrams

Concrete Structures and bases memory log

Presentation Blueprints for bidding process

Bidding Preliminary Plan




  • Refurbished Tower Nº 181 Expansion.

PETROCHEMICAL PLANT GENERAL MOSCONI constitutes one of the most important mixed petrochemical plants in the country, dedicated to elaboration from raw materials supplied by YPF.

The plant is geographically located in Ensenada, Buenos Aires Province.

COINTEC’s participation focused on executive engineering and technical assistance in work site.




  • Río Turbio Deposits.

Coal purifying Plant and “Vuelcavagonetas” Building.

Río Turbio Deposits, located in Santa Cruz province, constitute the most important deposit in Argentina.

COINTEC developed executive engineering for Purifying Plant and “Vuelcavagonetas” Building projects.












COINTEC was in charge of the Survey of process units MDT, FCCU, PWF, COKER, APS, VPS and Catalytic Cracking for P&ID execution according to installations and diagrams done through specific specialized software.




COINTEC was in charge of the Adjustment of the Risk Assessment process of every Fire fighting system of the loading and dispatch plants of ESSO S.A.P.A. described below.

COINTEC’s work included the necessary survey and the development of the basic and detail engineering required. 


  • San Lorenzo Plant                              Santa Fé


  • Campana Plant                                   Buenos Aires Province


  • Galván Commercial Plant                 Bahía Blanca


  • Calera Cué Plant                                Paraguay


  • Villa Hayes Plant                               Paraguay


  • AIRESSO Aeroparque (Airport)         Buenos Aires