Planning a balanced energy generation and the pursuit of technological dominance of the resource itself, led Argentina to the development of an ambitious plan for energy generation through nuclear power plants.

The goal of this Project is not only the construction of nuclear power stations and related plants but also the training of Argentine professionals in the design of such plants.

This training was accomplished through technology transfer from West Germany and Canada, and the development of their own projects having in mind the especial safety conditions required.

COINTEC developed Executive Project Engineering and In-work site technical assistance, depending on the case, for the different Nuclear Power Stations and Related Industrial Plants.


COINTEC intervened in the following Project and Works:


  • Cobalt Treatment Plant 60 Annex.


  • Nuclear Power Station Atucha II

Installed power 745 MW.


  • Nuclear Power Station Embalse Río III.


  • Experimental Model Plant of Heavy Water Lima – Province of Buenos Aires.


  • Industrial Plant of Heavy Water

Arroyito – Province of Neuquen.