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The optimization of the extraction performance of DRAGON HILL oil field of 5700 km2 that PAN AMERICAN ENERGY has in CHUBUT province, south of Argentine Republic, required the conversion of old extraction combustion engines of approximately 2000 wells to electric engines, in order to achieve a more efficient and economic control.

For this reason, PAN AMERICAN hired HANOVER for the supply, construction, operations and maintenance of an Electric Energy Generating System from the supplied gas.

The HANOVER COMPANY, a well known international company of oil related services, entrusted COINTEC with the project realization.

The Project consisted in energy provision not only for extraction engines but also for oil treatment plants, water injection plants, gas separating and compressing plants, oil pipe lines pumping, separating drums, general services and lighting.

After several studies, the generating and distribution system materialized as a Central Generating Plant and two Satellite Plants located at 24 and 36 km respectively, remote operated and interconnected by two medium voltage lines of 2 x 33 kV and their associated subsystems.

The total installed energy rises up to 112 MW according to ISO regulations, generated through a total of 8 SOLAR TITAN 130 turbines OF 14 MVA each provided by TURBIGAS SOLAR in Argentina.

Generation demand was established in 85 MW horizon year, which will be covered in several stages.

The studies completed to define the system were the development of basic engineering, analysis and elaboration of generation and demand curves, equipment selection, definition of rotating and reserve energy, Load Shedding and Black Start System, Static and Dynamic Electrical Studies, Usage and Generation Balances among others.

Furthermore, Systems were designed for Control and Dispatch, measurement, transmission, distribution and emergency stops, etc.

The System has been prepared so that the plants can be supervised, controlled and protected from the Control Room located in the main generating plant.

An integrated power protection system in time “0” with “retrobloqueos” has also been prepared.













The Hydroelectric power Plant Río Grande Nº 1 has a Generation Plant located in a deep rocky cavern.

The entire Complex Constitute a very impressive engineering work.

COINTEC intervened in the Hydraulic and Mechanic Advanced Preliminary Project of the Auxiliary Pumping System including special water hammer studies.

COINTEC also participated in the development of executive engineering for the installation of a Turbo – John Brown Group (26 MVA) in Comodoro Rivadavia Steam Power Plant and for the first expansion of Unit Nº 5 of San Nicolas Steam Power Plant.